LOG4J Exploid statement of the company Suchy MIPS GmbH, Munich

This document refers to all versions of the BENS G4 Server between 4.0.X and 4.3.X.

Due to the use of the library version 1.0 of LOG4J on our BENS G4 print server, an attack is not possible (according to Vulnerabillity Scans, this is only true from version 2.0).
Furthermore, LOG4J is only used internally on BENS G4 and an input of strings from external sources is not allowed due to the architecture of BENS G4 and therefore not logged.
On the BENS G4 print server, LOG4J is only used for internal communication regarding licenses, errors and keys.
An external communication with the BENS G4 print server is not possible regarding the LOG4J Expl. This means that no strings and especially no user inputs from external sources are logged by the BENS G4 print server.
We at Suchy MIPS GmbH are continuously and attentively monitoring what is happening. If at a later point in time it should turn out that an upgrade of the BENS firmware should be necessary, then we will provide an update free of charge to all customers who have a maintenance contract and deliver and install the next firmware versions (from 4.3.xx) with the upgrade as soon as a new firmware will be available. Of course we will try to develop, test and release a new firmware version as soon as possible.
The latest information about the BENS G4 print server can always be found on this homepage: www.suchymips.de
  • Now with
    64 GB SSD
    8 GB RAM
    1.9 GHz
    BENS G4 TURBO Printserver
    The new BENS G4 turbo server is available now and it offers the double performance.
  • BENS PP SpoolPrintserver for Productive Printing
    With BENS PP Spool you control and manage the entire process of document production.
  • Barcode Verification ServiceWe now offer our customers a barcode test with a certified verifier.
    We examine both classical 1D barcodes and 2D barcodes, such as GS1 DataMatrix, QR Code, MaxiCode and various other symbologies.
  • BENS Printserver - Spoolsystem for Process ControlBENS is a spool system that is available as an operating system-independent printer server in form of a fanless appliance with SSD memory or, alternately, as a virtual server image for VMWare, XEN or HyperView.
  • Barcode Software for SAP® SystemsSuchy MIPS is the market leader in the field of barcode software that was written in ABAP for SAP® systems. This type of SAP® barcode software renders the user independent of the printer type in use, as all kinds of printers are supported.
  • Filter Programmes and Plugins for BENS PrintserverFilters and plugins are programmes serving the process control. Filters and plugins can at all times be uploaded with the server’s board means and put into use immediately.
Barcode Verification Service1 Printserver for Productive Printing6 BENS Printserver2 Barcode Software3 Filter Programmes and Plugins4 Filter and Plugins5

Barcode Software, Printserver and Services

Among other items, Suchy MIPS offers printer servers with an intelligent filter technology for process control, print data conversion as well as operating system-independent software for dynamic on-the-fly barcode generation, conversion of PRESCRIBE print data into PCL print data, ABAP-based dynamic barcode generation for SAP® systems, services and consulting all around printing – and many more attractive specialities.



The BENS server with the software interface "BENS OMS 1" received the certification from SAP (R) for the implementation of the BC-XOM 4.0 scenario.


BENS with Different Filter Applications

BENS Printserver

  • Up to 500 printers can be administrated with one BENS VM.
  • Up to 50 printers can be administrated with the BENS hardware appliance.
  • Failure-safety.

Product Description »

BENS PP Spool Printserver

BENS PP Spool Printserver

With BENS PP Spool Printserver you control and manage the entire process of document production.

Product Description BENS PP Spool Printserver »

Contact Information

  • Suchy MIPS GmbH
    Prinzregentenstraße 128
    81677 München
  • + 49 (0) 89 - 944 19 77 - 0
  • + 49 (0) 89 - 944 19 77 - 13
Security Scan of the BENS Printservers



The BENS print server with the software interface "BENS OMS 1" …

BENS AFP-Printing and IPDS-Printing

Among other features, BENS OS4 supports printing via an IPDS protocol.

Infos BENS AFP-Printing and IPDS-Printing »


  • Barcode Filter

    The BENS Barcode Filter is PCL-compatible and can for, example, be immediately put into use by SAP® users. No conversions have to be carried out on the SAP® system.

    PCL Barcode Filter »

  • Unicode Filter

    The Unicode Filter enables printing of Unicode data on printers that are either not Unicode-enabled or do not possess the respective font types.

    Unicode Filter »

  • Prescribe PCL Filter

    The Prescribe PCL Filter enables printing of prescribe print data on PCL printers that do not possess any prescribe emulation. The filter converts prescribe print data into PCL print data – on-the-fly and with a very high performance rate.

    Prescribe PCL Filter »

  • Macro Filter

    The Macro Filter enables the adding of prefabricated print data (also called macros or overlays) to the print data in use. Macros can depict letterheads, logos, footers, water marks, GTCs, or similar items.

    Macro Filter »

  • Carbon Copy Filter

    With the Carbon Copy Filter carbon copies are realised, meaning that each page of a print document or even the entire document is printed several times. Entries such as the number of copies are configurable.

    Carbon Copy Filter »

  • OCR-Filter

    This filter enables the printing of the standardised, optically readable fonts OCR-A and OCR-B.

    OCR-Filter »

  • DataCompress Filter

    The BENS DataCompress Filter compresses up to factor 1:8 for a cost-effective transfer via WAN-lines for example from Europe to China.

    DataCompress Filter »

  • Font Filter

    The BENS Font Filter uses BENS as a common printer memory in which fonts for all printers are saved and can be used.

    Font Filter »

  • CleverPrint Filter

    The BENS CleverPrint Filter supports economical and ecological printing by forcing duplex, black and white and ECO-printing.

    CleverPrint Filter »

  • SplitSpool Filter

    The BENS SplitSpool Filter separates spool files into several different print jobs, so that those can be further processed separately (e.g. stapled or enveloped).

    SplitSpool Filter »

  • MergeJobs Filter

    Der BENS MergeJobs Filter merges a number of print jobs into one single print job.

    MergeJobs Filter »

  • PrintToBox Filter

    This filter supports the printing into electronic printer boxes from systems offering no such options (e.g. SAP®).

    PrintToBox Filter »

  • Mobile Printing

    Apart from the typical print protocol, BENS also offers a print protocol compatible with IOS®-devices. The BENS-Administrator can release single printers for the printing from IOS®-devices.

    mobile Printing »

  • Follow me Function

    The BENS follow me function saves a user’s print jobs until he calls them from a printer via a WEB-browser with authentication and has them printed.

    follow me Function »

  • IPDS/AFPDS Printing

    Optionally, BENS OS4 supports IPDS and AFPDS printing. There is a demo version for black&white printing with max. 55 ppm on each BENS Server.

    IPDS/AFPDS Printing »

  • Customized Filter

    Customized Filters are programmes that do not belong to the current BENS standard and were especially developed following a customer’s special order.

    Customized Filter »

Barcode Filter1 Unicode Filter2 Prescribe PCL Filter3 Macro Filter4 Carbon Copy Filter5 OCR-Filter6 DataCompress Filter7 Font Filter8 CleverPrint Filter9 SplitSpool Filter10 MergeJobs Filter11 PrintToBox Filter12 Mobile Pprinting13 Follow me Function14 IPDS/AFPDS Printing14 Customized Filter15

PCL MacroGenerator Enterprise

PCL MacroGenerator Enterprise

The Suchy MIPS programme PCL MacroGenerator Enterprise converts files from the XPS format into PCL5 and PCL6 macros. Apart from the document format XPS, the following graphic formats are also supported: BMP, JPG, PNG und TIFF.

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Barcode Software

  • RBarc+

    The ABAP Include for SAP® systems creates 1D barcodes directly in the SAP® system, so that barcodes can not only be printed but also faxed, mailed, archived and converted into PDF.

    RBarc+ »

  • RBarc/PDF417

    This ABAP Include for SAP® systems enables output of the 2D barcode PDF-417 on SAP® documents. As with Rbarc+2010, the barcode is created directly in the SAP® system.

    RBarc/PDF417 »

  • RBarc/Datamatrix

    RBarc/Datamatrix is an ABAP Include, enabling output of the 2D barcode GS1-Datamatrix on SAP® documents. It is ascertained that all requirements of industry and trade can be fulfilled to the utmost satisfaction.

    RBarc/Datamatrix »

  • Rbarc/OMR

    RBarc/OMR is, like all programmes of the RBarc series, an ABAP Include, enabling output of the barcode OMR (Optical Marc Recognition) on SAP® documents.

    Rbarc/OMR »

  • Rbarc/QR-Code

    Rbarc/QR-Code is – like RBarc/Datamatrix – an ABAP Include that is installed on the SAP® application server. The QR-Code is the only code that can be used to encode special fonts.

    Rbarc/QR-Code »

RBarc+1 RBarc/PDF4172 RBarc/Datamatrix3 Rbarc/OMR4 Rbarc/QR-Code5

Suchy MIPS
Produkt Videos

BENS Product Videos

BENS Product Videos

The BENS product videos explain various workflows in a simple and understandable way.

Here you can watch the latest videos and get to know the most important functions of our BENS Print Server.

LabelWork Label Printing Programme


  • Design of labels in any desired size -
  • with text, barcodes and graphics (also colour).
  • Personalised label printing with text, graphics and barcodes.

Product Description of LabelWork

Our Services


  • Counselling in the design of print processes.
  • Counselling all around the barcode features.
  • Programming of SAPscript forms, SmartForms forms and PCL-macros.

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