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Suchy MIPS GmbH


The company Suchy MIPS has existed for over 30 years. It was founded in January 1990 in Munich as a sole proprietorship and in 2015, after the company headquarters was moved to Prinzregentenstrasse 128, it was seamlessly transformed into the current Suchy MIPS GmbH.

Since the beginning, the company has been engaged in the development of solutions for printing and document management. This includes generation, preparation, adaptation and conversion of print data, distribution of documents, document workflows, finishing, etc.

The main business areas are:

  • Services
  • Consulting
  • Development and distribution of server operating system for printing and document management
  • Development and distribution of software products for printing and document management
  • Development and distribution of barcode solutions
  • Support

With the exception of a plugin for printing IPDS and AFP data, the company offers only its own products, developed and supported by its own team.

Product portfolio

On-the-fly barcode generators for SAP systems, programmed in ABAP – SAP’s own programming language: RBarc+ (1D barcodes), RBarc/QRCode, RBarc/Datamatrix, RBarc/PDF417, RBarc/OMR. All generators can be used with SAPscript, Smart Forms and Interactive Forms.

Available as lite and standard hardware appliances and as a virtual, scalable appliance for VMWare and Microsoft Hyper-V. All expressions of the BENS server offer a standard server for various outputs. The virtual server also offers a multi-user spool system for high-volume production printing systems.

Barcode filter, Prescribe to PCL5 converter, CarbonCopy filter, Macro filter, PDF converter and many more filters and plugins.

  • Custom Document Workflows for the BENS Server

This area is mainly about automating labor-intensive and error-prone processes for document preparation, such as automatic recognition of document types, sorting and grouping documents, creating reports, storing PDF documents in hot folders and much more.

Further information

The software of the RBarc series is distributed directly. The company has won several thousand customers worldwide for these solutions, e.g. Thyssen Krupp in several countries, Coop in Switzerland, Danfoss in Denmark, Acumed in USA, Asian Paints Limited in China, Drogeria del sud in Argentina, Hella GmbH & Co. KGaA, Continental AG and Allianz in Germany – to name but a few.

The distribution of the products around the BENS Printserver is also done worldwide, mainly in Europe and Asia via distributors and printer manufacturers. Some of our plugins are directly installed or integrated by manufacturers into their printers or software. Among our most important customers with whom we have OEM contracts in this regard are: Konica Minolta in Japan, China and Europe, Lexmark in USA, Canon in Germany, Objectif Lune Inc. in Canada and Australia.

Our most important distribution partners for the BENS Server with its filters and plug-ins are printer manufacturers like Konica Minolta and EPSON as well as system houses like the companies Kappel & Dierolf GmbH & Co KG, Systemhaus Bissinger GmbH and Morgenstern AG.

The first version of the BENS server was introduced in 2004. The server software is constantly being further developed. Currently the fourth generation (G4) is offered. In the last 15 years, several thousand servers have been installed at customers worldwide. The BENS Server is used by small as well as medium, large and very large companies.

The very large projects include, for example, installations at EON with over 3,000 printers and Mahle with currently over 1,500 and targeted 6,000 printers worldwide. The BENS Server is used most frequently (approx. 90%) by companies that operate SAP as an enterprise solution. For the BENS Server, Suchy MIPS received the SAP certification as an Output Management System (OMS) in 2019 and 2022. The solution is listed on the SAP Certified Solutions Directory (tab: “Find Solution”, search term: “OMS”).

The certificate can be viewed here:

The use of our products is industry-independent and takes place in all sectors: from small and large law firms, to print service providers, banks, insurance companies, to medium-sized and large industries.

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Customer references

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Suchy MIPS GmbH history

  • 1990–1992

    Development of digital fonts for printers

    Kunden: Siemens, Nixdorf, Xerox

  • 1993

    Development of a new font and form cartridge based on Flash technology for HP compatible laser printers

    Hamburger Sparkasse (2000 cartridges)

    Bundesanstalt für Arbeit (1000 cartridges)

    Lufthansa (1000 cartridges)

    … and many others

  • 1994

    Market launch of the proprietary software development “TransForm“

    TransForm is an electronic form generator with built-in intelligence, based on AI research, to automatically recognize and digitalise objects of scanned forms (lines, boxes, shading, text) Areas of application: both public authorities, banks and insurance companies as well as industry, communications and healthcare.

  • 1996

    Development of services based on our own know-how

    Services in the form of corporate consulting on the topics:

    + electronic printing in heterogeneous printer landscapes

    + support of process automation by means of barcodes

    + development

    + first own barcode solution “RBarc+”, a barcode generator for SAP R/3

    + Successfully in use until today

  • 1997


    Start of development of a Windows based barcode software “BarCodeFactory”, later renamed to “Barcode Engine”.

    Successful use as a module by many OEM partners.

    Start of cooperation with the company CompuNet, currently Computacenter. Programming of database applications, process automations etc. Development of many, customer specific software tools.

  • 1999

    Development of further competence branches

    Development of database know-how

    Use for own database solutions in the area of process automation Offer in-house solutions for our customers.

  • 2000

    Barcode Engine/PCL

    Emulation of barcode SIMM or DIMM functionality for HP printers on software level.

  • 2002

    RBarc/PDF417 is created

    The add-on for SAP R/3 written in ABAP for printing the 2D barcode PDF417 from SAP systems extends the RBarc series.


    Internet based communication program for project management with tracking, history and release planning.

  • 2004

    Universal Barcode

    A new barcode generation program that eliminates the need for printer-specific hardware solutions (SIMM/DIMM, cartridge, etc.).

    New distribution partnerships with


    Konica Minolta


    Prout AG Darmstadt

    Integration of the barcode engine into the Prout InformBox

    Finanzministerium Nordrhein-Westfalen

    on behalf of the Bundesfinanzministerium:

    ELSTER project:

    Integration of the barcode engine into the program for electronic tax returns

    Océ Printing Systems:

    Integration of the barcode engine into various Océ software products.

  • 2005

    Development of BENS

    The PCL-compatible network device, generates barcodes for multiple printers simultaneously, replacing printer-specific hardware solutions such as SIMM’s DIMM’s or flash cards.

  • 2006

    BENS wins the “Innovation Award 2006” of the “Initiative Mittelstand”

    RBarc+2006 and RBarc/PDF417-2006 are released. The new versions generate barcodes as SAP bitmaps. This means they can be used independently of the printer. They are also retained when faxing, mailing, archiving and converting to PDF format. Thus the add-ons become real racers.

    A development cooperation with PrintSoft is sealed.

    It is another big outsourcing project.

    Extension of the development cooperation with Lexmark International.

  • 2007

    BENS becomes BENS+U

    The device becomes fanless, gets a new pin and supports the printing of Unicode coded PCL print data on PCL printers that are not Unicode capable.

    RBarc/Datamatrix appears. Another program of the RBarc series for generating the 2D barcode “Datamatrix” on SAP systems. It immediately conquers the market.

  • 2008


    BENS+U receives the award “Innovation Produkt Mittelstand 2008”. We are elected to the TOP100 innovators in medium-sized businesses. The award is presented to us personally by the former Minister President of Baden-Württemberg – Lothar Späth.

    Award “Innovation Product Medium-Sized Businesses 2008

  • 2010

    BENS G3 with sophisticated, intelligent filter technology

    BENS G3 with sophisticated, intelligent filter technology and many additional server functions, e.g. automatic reprint, is launched on the market with great success.

    Cooperation agreement with PrintSoft Australia, subsidiary of Australia Post.

    Cooperation agreement with Konica Minolta Japan.

  • 2011

    Further filters are developed for BENS G3

    like e.g. Prescribe2PCL, CarbonCopy and MacroFilter

  • 2012

    BENS G3 is virtualized

    The spool server system is further developed for the virtual environments VMWare, XEN and Microsoft HyperV. First deliveries of BENS G3 to Hong Kong and China follow.

    The MacroGenerator Enterprise is finished. With this program PCL5 and PCL6 (PCLXL) macros can be generated from nearly all possible templates.

    Configurators for the Macro- and CarbonCopy Filter are developed. The programs are intended to make it easier for the user to define even difficult and complex printing processes. The configurators come with a graphical user interface and automatically generate an XML configuration for the respective filters. Both configurators are free of charge.

  • 2013

    Reseller agreement for the Asian region

    A reseller contract for the Asian region is signed with Konica Minolta in China and Konica Minolta in Hong Kong.

    The Airprint® protocol and an own follow me system is implemented on BENS G3.

    RBarc/QRCode is released and enriches the well-known RBarc programs with another popular 2D barcode.

    All programs of the RBarc series get an update. From now on Interactive Forms® is supported as well as SAPscript® and Smartforms®.

    RBarc/Datamatrix proves to be one of the very few products that can meet the requirements of production and trade, especially in the automotive sector. This is due to many years of experience in the field of professional barcode printing, which we have transferred to the implementation of this and similar programs.

  • 2014

    The BENS G4 with the OS4 is released as the successor of the BENS G3.

    The new hardware is even more compact than its predecessor and has a 30GB SSD memory. The new OS4 offers a modern, intuitive and even easier to use WEB interface. New in OS4 are both the completely redesigned and powerful spool system with a wide range of control and post-processing options for print jobs, as well as the plug-in concept, which enables fast functional extensions of the server without having to change the operating system every time. The virtual variants for VMWare, XEN and Microsoft HyperV will be released at the same time as the hardware variant.

    Cooperation agreement with Konica Minolta Hong Kong.

  • 2015

    Transformation of the sole proprietorship into Suchy MIPS GmbH

    Move to the new office in Munich, Prinzregentenstrasse 128.

  • 2016

    Integration of an AFP and IPDS solution

    Integration of an AFP and IPDS solution as a plugin in the BENS Server.

  • 2017

    Extension of the BENS Server Filter and Plugins

    Extension of the BENS Server Filter and Plugins with processing options for various document formats. The focus is on the formats PCL5, PCL6 (PCLXL), Postscript, PDF and ZPL.

  • 2018

    Development of BENS PP Spool

    BENS PP Spool is based on the BENS Server and is a print job management program for print production systems. It is designed for large amounts of print data and highest performance. It offers many functions, such as archiving print jobs, reprinting print jobs, reprinting selected pages or page ranges, etc. In addition, BENS PP Spool has a management system for operators with rights assignment to target printers and printer queues for incoming jobs.

  • 2019

    Development and production of the BENS LITE Server

    Development and production of the BENS LITE Server – a smaller, less expensive hardware version of the BENS Server with fewer functions for decentralized use in branches and subsidiaries connected to a central location where print data is generated. In addition to certain filters, compression programs are also used on the servers, which significantly speeds up the transfer of data between the central office and the branch office.

    First SAP certification of the BENS Plugin “BENS OMS1”. With the plugin, the BENS Server becomes an SAP-certified Output Management System (OMS) according to the BC-XOM 4.0 specification.

  • 2020

    Konica Minolta Business Solutions Deutschland GmbH

    Together with Konica Minolta Business Solutions Deutschland GmbH we get the order for the BENS Server with a total of 3500 printer queues and the BENS PCL Barcode Filter.

  • 2021

    BENS Prescribe to PCL Converter

    Together with Konica Minolta Business Solutions Deutschland GmbH we get the contract for the BENS Server with a total of 1500 printer queues and the BENS Prescribe to PCL converter.

    Cooperation agreement with Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH

    Second SAP certification of the BENS Plugin ” BENS OS 4.3″. With the plugin, the BENS Server becomes an SAP-certified Output Management System (OMS) according to the BC-XOM 4.0 specification.

    The following functions have been certified:

    • OMS Command-Line Interface Submit
    • OMS Polling Interface
    • OMS/XOM Callback Interface
    • OMS Operations Supplement
    • OMS/XOM Extension for Printer

    The certification entitles us to use the SAP Integration Certification Logo.