Barcode Filter for the BENS Server

Barcode Filter

The BENS PCL Barcode Filter is a filter, which generates barcode images from standard PCL-commands, and inserts these into the print data stream.

Many applications, like for example the ERP-systems use such PCL commands so that BENS can be used as a plug&play solution for all PCL printers in such systems.

The barcode filter is available as a standard and high performance variant, which can generate several hundred thousand barcodes per minute. The barcodes are inserted into the print data stream as highly compressed graphics and transferred to the printer as required.

The filter comes with a detailed manual that allows users to design their own barcodes.

Owners of BENS can use the tool BENS PCL Barcode Designer for free. With this Windows program, barcodes can be designed graphically. The appropriate PCL control sequence is automatically generated by the BENS PCL Barcode Designer.

The barcode filter is compatible with the PCL5 standard, which, among others, is also used on SAP systems.

Data sheet BENS Barcode Filter

BENS PCL Barcode Filter

Supported 1D barcodes

Supported 1D barcodes

Code 128A

Code 128A Autoswitch

Code 128B

Code 128C


2/5 Industrial

2/5 Interleaved

2/5 Matrix


Code 39

Code 39 Extended

Code 93

Code 93 Extended


EAN 128


EAN/JAN 13+2

EAN/JAN 13+5






MSI Plessey













USPS Sack Label

USPS Tray Label

BENS PCL Barcode Filter

Supported postal barcodes

Supported postal barcodes

German Postal Indent

German Postal Leitnummer

Austarialia 4State

Dutch 4State postal

French Postal

Japan Postal 4State

Royal Mail 4State

Singapor 4State postal

Swiss Postal Code

ZIP Postnet

BENS PCL Barcode Filter

Supported 2D and stacked barcodes

Supported 2D and stacked barcodes


Codablock F




QR Code

BENS Barcode Filter FAQ

Which barcode symbologies can be generated with the Barcode Filter?

Code 128A Code 93 ISSN USPS FIM Singapor 4State postal
Code 128 autoswitch Code 93 extended MSI Plessey USPS Sack Label Swiss Postal Code
Code 128B EAN 128 OMR USPS Tray Label ZIP Postnet
Code 128C EAN/JAN 13 UCC-128 Austarialia 4State Aztek
2/5 Industrial EAN/JAN 13+2 UPC-A Dutch 4State postal Codablock F
2/5 Interleaved EAN/JAN 13+5 UPC-A+2 French Postal Datamatrix
2/5 Matrix EAN/JAN 8 UPC-A+5 German Postal Indent Maxicode
Codabar EAN/JAN 8+2 UPC-E German Postal Leitnummer PDF417
Code 39 EAN/JAN 8+5 UPC-E+2 Japan Postal 4State QR Code
Code 39 extended ISBN UPC-E+5 Royal Mail 4State Swiss-QRCode

How is a PCL5 control sequence for barcodes structured?

The PCL-5 control sequence for barcodes is structured similarly to a control sequence for fonts.

For example, this is a control sequence for Code 39 with check digit:

The individual letters are parameters, preceded by the parameter values. Among other things, they determine the height, width and type of the barcode. Unlike fonts, all parameters for the barcode must be contained in an escape sequence. The T parameter must always be the last one. A detailed description can be found in the manual of the barcode filter.

What is a barcode terminator?

The barcode terminator is a PCL5 control sequence (also called escape sequence) that marks the end of the data to be encoded. In the following example, the characters “1234567” are encoded. The <Esc>(s3T control sequence marks the end of the data to be encoded. The terminator itself is not encoded.

A detailed description can be found in the manual of the barcode filter.

Are barcodes printed as fonts?

Usually, the barcodes are generated as compressed PCL5 graphics and inserted into the PCL5 print data stream. If your application prints barcodes with fonts, then users of the BENS Barcode Filter will receive barcode fonts for the filter from us, so that a compatibility to the previous application data remains.

What to do if my barcode is not printed when using the BENS Barcode Filter?

In this case, send a print file to our hotline and – if you previously had an application that printed the barcode – a scan of the previous printout.