Line Printer Remote. A network printing protocol for transmitting print jobs via port 515 to a receiving station (e.g. printer or print server) on which the LPD daemon is running. The protocol is also called Berkeley protocol – after its place of origin. The protocol consists of two components: LPR, which sends the print data, and LPD (Line Printer Deamon), which receives the print data. The LPD specification was documented in RFC 1179. In addition to the print data, the protocol transmits additional information, such as the file size and the name of the sender. It is used among other things in SAP systems, where the so-called coupling type “U” is provided for the Berkeley protocol. The BENS server can both receive and send print data via an LPR connection. The LPD Daemon is not activated on all printers by default, but it is available and can be activated. There are also printer models that do not support this protocol at all.