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Consulting Services all around the Design of Print Processes

Not every print process can be realised with the standard means of an application or a printing system.

Among others, these tasks are:

  • The sorting pf print data according to pre-set criteria before they are printed out.
  • The adding of GTCs on the back of an otherwise single-page document.
  • The adding of additional documents such as bank transfer forms.
  • The pooling of several different print documents into one single print document.
  • The definition of different paper types or paper input trays for different pages of a document, etc.

Should such or similar requirements arise in your company, we will gladly advise you and will certainly find the right solution for you.

Consulting Services all around PCL

PCL – the industrial standard in the field of documents – is the printer language most used in the world. It is very efficient and flexible. A special strong point proved to be its strict division between text and printer commands. However, PCL is not always the same as PCL. Some printer manufacturers at times support proprietary printer commands, a fact that causes problems with migration. We will gladly come to your aid should any of these issues turn out to be challenging.

We will find out the reasons for any incompatibilities and will eliminate them – if necessary even without having to interfere with your applications. We will also show you how to avoid walking into that incompatibility-trap in future, thus in fact making you independent from the printer manufacturers.

Consulting Services all around Barcodes

For 20 years now, we have been active in the field of barcodes and have developed our entire barcode portefeuille here in our house. Countless projects have provided us with the necessary experience enabling us to advise our customers professionally and with the utmost competence. We are rendering consulting services regarding the appropriate symbology options, how to choose the suitable printing processes, all about the barcode optimisation and how to ensure a high level of performance.

We advise our customers not only about how to proceed in case barcodes should not appear on printed documents but also how these documents are mailed, faxed or converted into the PDF format.

Our OEM customers are receiving our consulting services and support in the integration of our barcode modules into their own software and hardware.

Programming of SAPscript Forms and SmartForms Forms

The programming of SAPscript and SmartForms forms represents one of our major and most important competences. We will develop either remote on your SAP® testing system or on any other SAP® system available to us and will then supply you with the source codes for the forms. A high level of specialisation allows us to develop your forms in a very short time and with the utmost cost-effectiveness, at an agreed-upon fixed price.

Programming of PCL Macros:

We will develop PCL Macros for you in the shortest-possible time, cost-effective and at an agreed-upon fixed price. We have created our own development tools allowing us to produce compact and performant PCL Macros, which you can add to your PCL print data stream or directly download onto your PCL printer.

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