Rbarc/PDF417 Program Description

RBarc/PDF417 for SAP® Systems

RBarc/PDF417 is a barcode generator for the 2D barcode PDF-417 for on ABAP based SAP® systems, such as R/3, ERP, Netveawer, etc.

RBarc/PDF417 is an SAP® Include written in ABAP that is installed on the SAP® application server just once. It, therefore, seamlessly fits in with the SAP® system. Together with SAP® documents, it can be used for any output type (SAP® device types) and any output path (SAP® connectivity) of SAP® documents:

  • Printing,
  • faxing,
  • mailing,
  • archiving,
  • conversion into PDF,
  • etc.

This ABAP Include can be used with SAPscript as well as with SmartForms as well as with Interactive Forms forms.

Further properties:

  • Several variables from different form fields can be encrypted in a barcode PDF-417 label in just one step.
  • Via parameters, the barcode size can be set at a constant - regardless the amount of data to be encrypted.
  • The encryption of fonts not displayable in the SAP® system, such as FNC1, is fully supported.


Print preview of an SAP® document with PDF-417:

Druckvorschau eines SAP-Dokumentes mit PDF-417