RBarc/OMR: Short Program Description

RBarc/OMR for SAP® Systems

RBarc/OMR is a barcode generator for the barcode OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) for on ABAP-based SAP® systems, such as R/3, ERP, Netveawer etc.

RBarc/OMR is – like all Suchy MIPS programs of the Rbarc series – an SAP® Include written in ABAP that is only installed on the SAP® application server and thereby fitting seamlessly into the SAP® system.

Rbarc/OMR can, together with SAP® documents, be put out on all SAP® device types and via every output path (SAP® connectivity):

  • Printing,
  • faxing,
  • mailing,
  • archiving,
  • conversion into PDF,
  • etc.

The program can be used with SAPscript, Smart Forms as well as with Interactive Forms forms.

OMR Barcode Generator

OMR Barcode