Filter for BENS

Filter Programmes and Plugins for BENS Printservers

Filters and plugins are programmes serving the process control. Filters and plugins can at all times be uploaded with the server’s board means and put into use immediately.

Barcode Filter

The BENS Barcode Filter is PCL-compatible and can, for example, be immediately used by SAP® users. No adjustments have to be made on the SAP® System.

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Unicode Filter

The Unicode Filter enables the printing of data on printers that are either not Unicode-enabled or possess no corresponding font type.

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Prescribe → PCL Filter

The Prescribe PCL Filter converts Prescribe print data into PCL print data. This filter is very performant and converts the Prescribe print data into PCL print data without any loss of time that would be noticeable for the user. The barcode conversion is already integrated.

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Macro Filter

PCL Macros are printing modules that can be repeatedly used in printing. They can be integral parts of a print image, such as for example logos for footers. Or they can be entire layouts, as for example forms, letter templates or GTCs.

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Carbon Copy Filter

The Carbon Copy Filter is used to realise carbon copies, meaning that each single page of a print document is immediately repeatedly printed or the entire document is repeatedly printed. The number of copies can be pre-set.

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This filter allows printing of the standardised, optically readable fonts OCR-A and OCR-B.

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DataCompress Filter

The BENS DataCompress Filter compresses printer data up to factor 1:8 for a cost-effective transfer via WAN-lines, for example from Europe to China.

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Font Filter

The BENS Font Filter uses BENS as a common printer memory, in which fonts for al printers can be saved and used.

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CleverPrint Filter

The BENS CleverPrint Filter encourages economic an ecologic printing by forcing the Duplex-, black/white and ECO-printing, even when users have made deviating settings on the printer driver.

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SplitSpool Filter

The BENS SplitSpool Filter separates spool files into several different print jobs so that these can individually be processed further (e.g. stapled or enveloped.

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MergeJobs Filter

With the BENS MergeJobs Filter several different print jobs are joined into one single print job. This facilitated handling a large number of small jobs and decidedly enhances the printer’s performance that does no longer have to reset after each job.

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PrintToBox Filter

Supports printing into electronic printer boxes from systems that offer no such variety (e.g. SAP®).

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Mobile Printing

Apart from the typical print protocols, BENS also offers a print protocol compatible with IOS® devices (iPad®, Iphone®). The BENS-Administrator can release single printers for the printing from IOS®-devices.

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Follow Me Function

The BENS Follow me function saves a user’s print jobs until he calls them on a printer via a web-browser with authentication and then has them printed.

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Customized Filter

Customized Filter are programs not part of the current BENS standard, but were especially developed at a customer’s specifications

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Optionally, BENS OS4 supports IPDS and AFPDS printing. There is a demo version for black&white printing with max. 55 ppm on each BENS Server.

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