Load Balancing

Load Balancing

The BENS Load Balancing Plugin provides an even distribution of the print load on several printers. By default, up to 5 printers are supported

The Plugin distributes the incoming print jobs in a predetermined order to the individual printers connected in the Load Balancing Plugin.

After a longer pause, the print jobs are not always sent to the first printer defined in the group, but to those who would be without the pause. This intelligent method prevents excessive loading of the first printer defined in the group in relation to the other printers.

When configured accordingly, the Load Balancing Plugin can distribute the printing of multiple copies of a document to all printers defined in the group.

Another option allows defining a printing process chain. Print jobs are sent to a printer as long as it can print. If this printer reports an error or paper failure, the other print jobs are sent to the next printer defined in the group.

The load balancing plug-in is very easy to use for the user: he sends all print jobs to one particular virtual BENS printer. The load balancing plug-in enabled on this virtual printer automatically distributes the print jobs, depending on the configuration enabled.