Magnetic Ink

Magnetic ink

What exactly is magnetic ink?

Magnetic ink is a black ink, having magnetic properties, which can be read at anytime by a magnetic head.

This fact enables inkjet printers to print as effectively as laser printers, which use a magnetic toner.

How is magnetic ink produced?

Magnetic ink is produced by an complex process by using nano technology. Magnetic ink is water based.

Which applications using magnetic ink are possible?

Magnetic ink is mainly used in cheques printing involving cheque numbers. These numbers have to be formatted with an special font called "MIRC", which is readable by magnetic heads. This technology was up to now supported by laser printers only, which were using expensive, magnetic toners. With magnetic ink you will be able to print MIRC signs on cheques using inkjet printers.

Another interesting field in which magnetic ink is used, is printing 1-D barcodes (e.g. Code 39, Code 2 of 5 interleaved or Code 128) which can be read by an magnetic reader without having opticall contact. Thereby you will be able to read barcodes even in a closed letter envelope, on the backside of packages or embedded in a cartonage.

The following videoclip will show you how hidden magnetic barcodes are read via the reader of our partner Inspectron.

Further security applications are possible (e.g. bitmarking):

Which printers are supported by magnetic ink?

Magnetic ink ink is compatible to the HP cartrige No. 45.

Therefore, this cartridge can be used with the following printers:

HP DeskJet 930, 930c, 950c, 960c, 970cxi, 980C, 990CXI, 995c 1100c, 1120C, 1120c, 1220ps, 6122, 6127, 9300.

In case of larger orders, user specified cartridges or special containers can be filled with magnetic ink.

HP Cartrigde