Macro Filter

Macro Filter

PCL macros, also called overlays, are print modules that can be repeatedly used for printing. You can not only display fixed components of a print image, such as logos or footers but also complete page layouts, such as forms or letter templates. Normally, macros can be saved on the printer, however necessitating additional hardware in form of non-volatile memories such as HDD or Flash. Take into consideration that all printers used for working with macros would have to be equipped with such an upgrade.

On the contrary, the Suchy MIPS BENS technology enables saving the macros directly on the BENS server and that just once for all printers employed. This not only saves the costs for any necessary non-volatile macro memories but also minimizes administration expenses because for all subsequent modifications, the new macro has to be uploaded on the BENS server just once and does not have to be elaborately distributed to all printers employed.

Der Macro Filter is controlled via an XML configuration file. It is very flexible and, among other features, allows:

  • The choice of pages on which a macro will be printed.
  • The adding of macros to the print data stream, even when originally no macro calls exist in the print data stream.
  • The adding of extra PJL commands to the PJL Header (e.g. stapling),
  • … and much more.

Example of an Application:

So far, the user had printed his letters on pre-printed paper. Page 1 (with colour logo and company details, such as telephone, bank connection, etc.) was drawn from tray 1 and the following pages (also with logo, but without company details) from tray 2.

The task:

Replace pre-printed forms with 2 macros (macro 1 for page 1 and macro 2 for all following pages) and, in future, only draw blank sheets of paper from just one tray. Always print page 1 automatically with macro 1 and the following pages with macro 2. Modifications of the user applications are undesirable and were, therefore, ruled out.

The solution:

  • The letter templates created with Microsoft Word for page 1 and all following pages were saved in the XPS format and converted into PCL macros using the Suchy MIPS MacroGenerator Enterprise.
  • The macros were uploaded onto the BENS server.
  • A configuration file was created for the macro filter, controlling the printout of macro 1 on page 1 and macro 2 on all following pages.
  • The macro filter with the corresponding configuration was activated on the appropriate virtual printer.

From this instance, the user no longer has to pre-print any letterheads as the macro filter makes sure that the coloured logos, the footers and the company details are printed on page 1 and that all following pages solely carry the coloured logo.

For creating macros, we clearly recommend the Suchy MIPS MacroGenerator Enterprise!