Rbarc+ Short Program Description

RBarc+ for SAP® Systems

RBarc+ is a 1D barcode generator for ABAP-based SAP® systems, such as R/3, ERP, Netveawer etc.

RBarc+ is no Middleware. It is written in ABAP and is installed on the application server just once. Thereby, it fits seamlessly into the SAP® system.

It can be utilized for every output type (SAP® device types) and every output path (SAP® connectivity) of SAP® documents:

  • Printing,
  • faxing,
  • mailing,
  • archiving,
  • conversion into PDF,
  • etc.

The program can be used with SAPscript, Smart Forms as well as with Interactive Forms forms.


The following barcode symbologies are supported by Rbarc/2010 for SAP® Systems:

2 of 5 interleaved Code 128 B EAN/JAN 13
2 of 5 industrial Code 128 C EAN/JAN 13+2
2 of 5 matrix Code EAN 128, Code GS1-128 EAN/JAN 13+5
2 of 5 German postal bar code (11 and 13) Code 128 Autoswitch EAN/JAN 8
Code 39 Code UCC-128 EAN/JAN 8+2
Code 39 extended 128HIBC EAN/JAN 8+5
French postal 39 A/R 128HIBC UPC-A
Danish 39 PTT 128HIBC Provider Label UPC-A+2
Code 93 MSI (without check sum) UPC-A+5
Code 93 extended MSI + CHK10 UPC-E
Codabar MSI+ CHK10+CHK10 UPC-E+2
Code 128 A MSI+CHK11+CHK10 UPC-E+5

Print preview of an SAP document with barcodes