Barcode Glossary


In our Online Barcode Glossary, we have collected many keywords with added explanations regarding the topic Auto-ID. Here, you will primarily find useful information about all barcode symbologies, as for example descriptive data about the supported character sets of a barcode symbology or their check digit. Should you be interested in a specific barcode symbology, you can make use of the barcode list on the left: this list will lead you immediately to the corresponding barcode description.

For other keywords, such as for example „Parity“, „Character“ or „CRC“, please click on the initial letter of the term your are looking for in the upper part of the window. For a search of keywords, you can also use the search field in the upper menu bar.

We will gladly welcome any new suggestions coming from you. Please drop us a few lines should you miss a certain keyword or if you consider an explanation to be in need of some amendments.

Have fun in making your researches with the aid of our Online Barcode Glossary!