Barcode Glossary N


Barcode-Glossary N

  • No-Read, Non-Scan

  • Missing data output following the scanning of a faulty code. It can also mean the failure of the scanner or a handling error, or an incorrect scanning direction or speed. The decoding algorithm detects the errors and rejects the “established“ data as being invalid.
    Compare: "Misread".

  • (n, k) Symbology

  • A class of barcode symbologies in which each symbol character is n modules wide and consists of k bar and space pairs. Subsets are the n,k,m symbologies, where m specifies the maximum width of an element in modules.
    See "Module", "Modular Symbology".

  • Nominal Size

  • Defines the "standard" or "ideal values" of the elements’ specific parameters forming the characters of a symbol. The maximum permitted deviations from these values are specified as the symbol’s tolerances.

  • Numeric

  • Specifies a character set consisting only of digits.
    Compare: "Alphanumeric".