Barcode Glossary M


Barcode-Glossary M

  • Magnification Factor

  • This factor presents a multiplier that has to be used with the nominal (size) of a barcode symbology in order to reach the actual measurements of the printed symbol.

  • Moving Beam Scanner

  • A scanning device where the beam of the light is caused to oscillate through mechanic or electronic means.

  • Multi-Row Barcode Symbology (also Stacked Symbology)

  • Multi-row or stacked barcodes consist of several lines with bars and spaces. They mostly have a mutual start and stop character.
    See "Stacked Barcode".

  • Matrix-Codes

  • Matrix-Codes (e.g. MaxiCode, Data Matrix) consist of polygenically, mostly squarely arranged groups of data cells with a typical orientation feature, through which the symbology (Code Type) can be identified. The scanning of the symbols is no longer carried out line by line but as a complete image and is saved, analyzed and assessed via image processing.
    See also "1D-Code", "2D-Code".

  • MaxiCode

  • See chapter "MaxiCode".

  • Misread, Bad Read, Mis-Scan

  • A discrepancy between those data encoded in the symbol and the output of the barcode reading device. The error cannot be detected through test-routines in the decoding algorithm. The data output can erroneously be congruent with valid data.
    Compare: "Non-Read".

  • Module

  • The smallest element within a barcode symbology is called module. In certain symbologies, the wide bars and spaces can be specified as a multiple of one module.
    Equal to the "X-Module".

  • Multi-Width-Code

  • See "Modular Symbology".

  • Multiple Reading

  • The Code 39 and the Code 93 allow multiple reading. Meaning, for being able to read very long codes without problems, it is sometimes of advantage to split the code into two or more shorter codes. A decoder, however, has to be able to consecutively read the different barcode fields, but to also have the ability to read the different barcode fields one after another, to chain up the functional contents and to provide these then as one complete data information.

  • Modular Symbology

  • A barcode symbology in which the symbol characters consist of elements whose nominal widths are an integral multiple of the X-Module or of the module width.
    See "Module" "(n.k) Symbology".

  • Module Width

  • Specifies the width measurements of a module.

  • Modulo

  • Usually used in form of Modulo-10, Modulo-11, Modulo-103 etc. The type of algorithm used to calculate the check character (symbol check character) of certain symbologies.

  • MSI-Code

  • The MSI-Code was developed by MSI Datacorporation as a PWM-Code (pulse with modulated). Each digit consists of 4 bits. The MSI-Code is a variant of the Plessey-Code.
    See chapter "MSI Code".