Barcode Glossary L


Barcode-Glossary L

  • Leading Zeros

  • Zeros appearing on the left side of a data sequence.

  • Light Pen (Light Wand)

  • A hand-held barcode reader that, for decoding, has to be drawn across the symbol.

  • Laser (Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation)

  • A device for the creation of an intense beam of monochrome, coherent light.

  • Laser Scanner

  • A device for reading barcodes, using a laser beam as a source of light.

  • LED (Light Emitting Diode)

  • A semi-conductor creating light of a certain wavelength as a result of an electric stimulation. The wavelength is determined by the chemical components of the semi-conductor. Several different devices are available today; each with a certain output within a limited band width, however, within a spectrum between 600 nanometers (visible red) and 900 nanometers (infrared).

  • Ladder Orientation

  • Term describing a barcode symbol with the axis oriented horizontally, so that a vertical scanner beam can pass the entire symbol.
    Compare: "Picket Fence Orientation".

  • Linear Symbology

  • A barcode symbology (e.g. Code 39, EAN, Code 128), containing complete connected information in one line, starting with a start character and ending with a stop character. Linear barcodes are also called 1D-Barcodes (one-dimensional barcodes).
    Compare: "multi-row barcode symbology", "Matrix-Codes".