Barcode Glossary I


Barcode-Glossary i

  • Intercharacter Gap

  • The space between the last bar of one symbol character and the first bar of the next symbol character within a discrete barcode symbology.
    See "Discrete Code, Continuous Code".

  • Information Density

  • The information density states how much space a barcode character needs with a given defined module width and a defined ratio between the narrow and the wide elements (bar or space). This value serves as a comparative value for the evaluation of different code types or in case of tests with differing module widths and/or ratios.
    Information density Code 39 = 4.8 mm/character, with a module width of x = 0.33 mm
    and a ratio between wide and narrow of v = 2.5 : 1.

  • ISBN

  • See Chapter: "ISBN".

  • ISSN

  • See Chapter: "ISSN".