Barcode Glossary H


Barcode-Glossary H

  • Height Specification

  • Specification of the height of the barcode symbol to be created in the currently used measuring unit.
    See "Bar Height".

  • Human Readable Character, Eye-Readable Character

  • The display of bar-coded data characters or data check characters in standard letters or digits (human readable), separated from the machine-readable display.

  • HRT

  • Human Readable Text
    See also "Human Readable Text".

  • Human Readable Text

  • The human readable text can in most cases be found below the barcode symbol and shows the encoded information in human readable text.
    The human readable text is mostly optional and can also be found above the barcode symbol. There is also the possibility to integrate the text row either half or totally embedded into the symbol. The Visual Bar Code Designer optionally enables the check digit(s) to be printed out within the human readable text. The font type of the human readable text can be determined using the program. The size of the readable characters is automatically calculated by the Visual Bar Code Designer (fitting the barcode symbol).