Barcode Glossary F


Barcode-Glossary F

  • Field of View

  • The width of a barcode that can be read in one scanning operation. For light pens and other devices where the scanner beam has to be manually drawn across the symbol, the reading height or reading width is a function of the operating staff’s ability to scan evenly.

  • Filler Character

  • An added character filling up a data field until it reaches the pre-set width (also Pad-Character).

  • First Read Ratio

  • Number of correct readings at the first reading attempt, divided by the number of reading attempts.
    See also "Second Read Ratio".

  • Fixed Parity

  • A barcode symbol or a defined section of a symbol has a fixed parity when each symbol character has an even parity or when each symbol character has an uneven parity.

  • Fixed Beam Scanner

  • A scanning device emitting a beam of light into a fixed direction. For a scanning operation, the symbol has to be moved relative to the beam.

  • Flat Bed Scanner

  • An omni-directional scanner where the scanner beam or beams are directed upwards through a window or through slits. The symbols are drawn across this scanner.

  • Four-Width-Symbology

  • A symbology containing four different module widths.
    See also "Modular Symbology".