Barcode Glossary D


Barcode-Glossary D

  • Depth of Field

  • The spectrum of the distances within which a scanner is able to accurately read a symbol with fixed properties.

  • Data Check Character / Digit:

  • A digit or character, calculated on basis of present data, making sure that these data are correctly compiled and transferred.
    Compare: "Symbol Check Characters".

  • Data Security

  • See "Substitution Errors".

  • Data Separator Character

  • An auxiliary character that determines the end of the data contents in order to demarcate them from the beginning of the following data element.

  • Data Character

  • A single numeric digit, an alphabetic character, a special or control character, representing information.
    Compare: "Symbol Characters".

  • Decoder

  • An electronic device able to convert the proportional electric signals of a scanner into computer-compatible data.

  • Decode Algorithm

  • The algorithm used to convert the bar and space pattern of a barcode into data characters.

  • Densitometer

  • An instrument for measuring the degree up to which light pervades a certain kind of material, or is reflected by it. A calibrated photometer absorbs the light, measures its value and compares this with the emitted light. The results of this measurement can be specified in reflectance in percent, or specified through its density.

  • Diffuse Reflectance

  • Reflectance of light into all directions. Non-lucent materials reflect light in this way, whereas lucent materials create a direct light reflectance.

  • Digital

  • In connection with graphic, “digital” describes the creation of an image by a number of single dots as against a half-tone image.

  • Discrete

  • A symbology where a space occurring between the characters (intercharacter gap) contains no information. Each character begins and ends with a bar.
    Compare: "Continuous Code".