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Barcode Software for Developers

Suchy MIPS has developed barcode software since the year 1994. Within this timeframe, we have developed over one hundred barcode symbologies, among which are all the well-known 1D Barcodes, many of the 2D Barcodes, 4-State Barcodes, Composite Barcodes and others. Our barcode software is suitable for producers of software and hardware endeavoring to integrate efficient barcode software as a module into their solutions.

For the barcode definition, we are optionally offering a Windows user interface, which you can also integrate into your solutions. You are also able to develop your own user interfaces and request the barcodes from the barcode software via the corresponding interface.

The barcode software was continually improved and optimized as regards the speed. It is, therefore, very fast and stable and we can proudly look back upon an installed base of far more than two hundred thousand licenses.

This barcode software is available for all well-established operating systems. Please contact us, should you have any specific questions regarding the operating system in use at your company. Currently, we are offering our barcode software on the basis of various different license models, for example models dealing with the number of pieces sold, or as a flat-rate. During the entire term of contract, you will profit from our barcode software support and the regular free updates.

Barcode Engine

Barcode Engine© OXC / DLL

Barcode Engine© is a software module, independent from the operating system, supporting over 100 barcode symbologies: 1D barcodes, 2D barcodes, stacked barcodes, 4-state barcodes, postal barcodes, etc.

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