Software and Hardware Products, printing Barcodes and Labels

Software and Hardware Products for printing Barcodes, Unicodes and Labels


BENS Printserver - A Spool System for Process Control

BENS is an efficient, flexible and scalable network print server, enabling various work processes through the employment of filters and plugins. BENS is available in form of a fanless appliance with SSD memory or, alternately, as a virtual server image for VMWare, XEN or Microsoft Hyper-V.

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Filters and Plugins

Filters and Plugins for BENS

Filters are programmes that automatically and on-the-fly adjust the incoming print data streams to any process requirements. This can be a conversion, the copying of pages, allocation of paper types or paper input trays, the adding of print elements such as logos, overlays, barcodes, etc., print data compression and much more. Plugins are additional programmes that are installed on BENS and enable a subsequent processing or administration of spool data (e.g. the conversion of spool data into PDF).

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Barcode Software

Barcode Software for SAP® Systems

For quite some years now, Suchy MIPS has specialized in the production of barcode software for SAP® systems expanding the SAP® form system by WYSIWYG barcode functionalities. Our RBarc software series cover 1D barcode symbologies (RBarc+), the 2D symbologies PDF417 (RBarc/PDF417), GS1 Datamatrix (RBarc/Datamatrix) as well as the QR-Code (RBarc/QRCode) and the barcode OMR (RBarc/OMR).

The barcode technology implemented by Suchy MIPS supports about 40 barcode symbologies allowing for a very flexible barcode generation via several different parameters and does function with Smartforms as well as with SAPscript and interactive forms.

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Barcode Software

Barcode Software for Developers

Over several years, Suchy MIPS has developed its own barcode generator that can create almost all known barcode symbologies, even the only recently published 2D barcode symbology Grid Matrix for Chinese fonts.

Our barcode software was designed in such a way that it can be run on all known operating systems. Due to the many installations all around the globe, our barcode software is technically very mature. It is highly performant, compact, very robust and way past its teething troubles. Therefore, the Suchy MIPS barcode software is employed by many OEM customers, having chosen it to be their preferred barcode generator.

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Label Printing Software Label Work

Label Printing Software with Barcode Support

Our label printing software supports over 100 different barcode symbologies as well as mail merge printing on fanfold labels or label templates of any size. For mail merge printing, the labels can be linked to any desired data base.

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Magnetic Ink

Magnetic Ink

Magnetic ink is a black ink, which has magnetic properties that can be called at any time and measured with a magnetic reading head.

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PCL Macro Generator

PCL MacroGenerator Enterprise

The Suchy MIPS programme PCL MacroGenerator Enterprise generates PCL5 and PCL6 macros (overlays) from XPS files. Apart from the document format XPS, the following graphic formats are supported: BMP, JPG, PNG and TIFF.

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