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Company foundation


Development of digital fonts for printers.
Customers: Siemens, Nixdorf, Xerox


Development of the company’s own, innovative font and form cartridge for HP-compatible laser printers, based upon the Flash Technology.

  • Hamburger Sparkasse (savings bank, 2000 cartridges)
  • Bundesanstalt für Arbeit (Federal Labor Office, 1000 cartridges)
  • Lufthansa (airline, 1000 cartridges)
  • ... and many other firms and institutions.


Market introduction of the company’s own software development „TransForm“.

TransForm is an electronic forms generator with an integrated intelligence, based upon AI-research, for the automatic identification and digitalization of objects on scanned forms (lines, check boxes, hatchings, text). Fields of application: public authorities, banks and insurances as well as the industry, communications enterprises and the public health system.


Development of services based upon the company’s own knowledge base in form of business consultancy focussing on the following topics:

  • Electronic printing in heterogeneous printing system environments.
  • Support of process automation by means of barcodes.


  • The company’s own initial barcode solution „RBarc+“, a barcode generator for SAP R/3.
  • Version 2007 is successfully employed in the field until today (over 300 licensees).



  • Development start of the Windows-based barcode software „BarCodeFactory“, later renamed „Barcode Engine“.

  • At many OEM partners’ sites successfully employed as a module.

Start of the cooperation with the company CompuNet, today Computacenter. Programming of database applications, process automation systems, and similar projects. Development of many customer-specific software tools.


Development of further sectors of competence.

Intense knowledge build-up in the database field.

  • Utilization thereof for the company’s own database solutions in the field of process automation. Offering special inhouse solutions to our customers.


Barcode Engine/PCL

  • Emulation of a barcode SIMM and. DIMM functionality for HP printers on software level.


RBarc/PDF417 is issued.
The add-on for SAP R/3 , written in in ABAP, for printing the 2D barcode PDF417 from SAP systems extends the RBarc series.


  • Internet-based communication program for controlling projects with tracking, project history and release planning.


Universal Barcode

  • An innovative barcode generation program, rendering the employment of printer-specific hardware solutions obsolete (SIMM/DIMM, Cartridge, or similar).

Establishment of new sales partnerships with:

  • Canon
  • Konica Minolta
  • Ricoh

Prout AG, Darmstadt

Integration of the Barcode Engine into the Prout InformBox.

Finanzministerium Nordrhein-Westfalen
(Ministry of Finance, North-Rhine Westphalia)

  • By order and on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Finance:
    ELSTER Project:
    Integration of the Barcode Engine into the program for electronic tax declarations.

Océ Printing Systems:

  • Integration of the Barcode Engine in several of Oce’s own software products.


Development of BENS.
Barcode Engine Network Server
The PCL-compatible network device creates barcodes for several printers simultaneously, whereby printer-specific hardware solutions, such as SIMMs, DIMMs or flashcards can be replaced.


BENS is rewarded with the „Innovation Price 2006“ of the Initiative Mittelstand (public initiative society for mid-sized businesses).
RBarc+2006 and RBarc/PDF417-2006 are issued. The new versions create barcodes as SAP Bitmaps. Thereby, they can be utilized independent from the printer. Even when faxed, mailed, archived or changed into the PDF format, they remain unchanged. That way, these add-ons have turned out to be a true runaway success.

A development-cooperation with PrintSoft is successfully established - a further huge outsourcing project!
Expansion of the development cooperation with Lexmark International.


BENS turns to BENS+U.
The device becomes fanless, is equipped with a new outfit and supports the printing of Unicode-encoded PCL print data on PCL printers that are not Unicode-enabled.

RBarc/Datamatrix is issued. A further program within the RBarc series for the creation of the 2D barcode „Datamatrix“ on SAP systems. This product captured the market straight away!



BENS+U is rewarded with the price „Innovation Product Mittelstand 2008“. We were chosen to range among the TOP 100 Innovators in Mid-Sized Businesses. The reward was delivered in person by the former Secretary of State of North-Rhine Westphalia, Mr. Lothar Spät.


Preis „Innovation Produkt Mittelstand 2008“


BENS G3 with a mature, intelligent filter technology and many added server functions, such as, for example, an automatic reprint function, was introduced to the market with great success.

Cooperation contract with PrintSoft Australia, affiliated company of the Australian Post.

Cooperation contract with Konica Minolta, Japan.


Further filters for BENS G3, such as for example Prescribe2PCL, CarbonCopy and MacroFilters are developed.


BENS G3 is virtualized. The spool server system is further developed for the virtual environments VMWare, XEN and Microsoft HyperV. Initial deliveries of BENS G3 to Hong Kong and China follow.

The development of the MacroGenerator Enterprise is finalized. With this program, PCL5 and PCL6 can be generated from almost all existing templates.

Configurators for the Macro and CarbonCopy Filters are developed. The programs are designed to facilitate the user’s definition even of difficult and complex printing processes. The configurators possess a graphic interface automatically creating an XXL-configuration for the respective filters. Both configurators are free of charge.


A reseller contract for the Asian Market is signed with Konica Minolta China.

The Airprint® Protocol and our own Follow-Me System are implemented on BENS G3.

The RBarc/QRCode is published and enhances the well-known RBarc Programs by a further popular 2D Barcode.

All programs of the RBarc-Series are receiving an update. From then on, apart from SAPscript® and Smartforms® also Interactive Forms® are supported.

RBarc/Datamatrix proves to be one of the very few products that can meet with the requirements of production and trade, especially with that of the automotive area. This position the program owes to the many years of experience in the field of barcode printing which we have carried through to the implementation of such and similar programs.


BENS G4 is published with the OS4 as a follow-up of BENS G3. This new hardware is even more compact than its predecessors and commands a 30GB SSD memory. The new OS4 offers a modern, intuitive and still easier operable WEB-Interface. A new feature with OS4 is the entirely redesigned and high-performance spool system with its varied control and post-processing options for print jobs. Also new is the plug-in concept enabling fast functional enhancements without always having to modify the entire operating system. Together with the hardware variation, also the virtual variants for VMWare, XEN und Microsoft HyperV are introduced to the market.

Cooperation contract with Konica Minolta, Hong Kong.


The company is converted into Suchy MIPS GmbH.

Moving into the new office in Munich, Prinzregentenstraße 128.

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